Chicago Bears news: Roquan Smith shows lack of awareness during exit

Patriots QB Bailey Zappe is sacked by #58 Roquan Smith and #93 Justin Jones.14 Pats Bears 102422 Bb
Patriots QB Bailey Zappe is sacked by #58 Roquan Smith and #93 Justin Jones.14 Pats Bears 102422 Bb /

The philosophy of the Chicago Bears organization shifted this week when the team decided to trade 25-year-old linebacker Roquan Smith to the Baltimore Ravens for a 2023 second-round draft pick, a 2023 fifth-round pick, and journeyman linebacker AJ Klein.

The trade of Smith allowed the Bears to use a second-round draft pick then and trade for Pittsburgh Steelers third-year wide receiver, Chase Claypool.

The two trades signaled that moving forward, the focus is on surrounding Bears’ quarterback Justin Fields with talent on offense.

Though had Smith had an agent instead of representing himself, one would have to wonder if the trade that occurred on Monday would have ever happened.

Smith, for his part, was surprised by the trade. Smith told reporters after his first practice with the Ravens on Wednesday that he was not expecting to be traded.

"“I didn’t plan to [get traded], but you know, life happens at times and got traded,” Smith said, flashing a wide grin. “So initially I was shocked. But I’m excited to be here. Good group of guys that’s contending for a title, and that’s what I’m in the game to play for — playing for a title.”"

Roquan Smith, who you crappin’?

Smith, in his own words, requested a trade from the Bears organization last August in a statement where he also criticized the team’s front office.

There is no question that Smith was on a trajectory to live up to the lineage of the Bears’ linebackers of yesteryear. But, for what the Bears trying to do on defense, Smith was no longer a great fit for the team moving forward.

Roquan Smith was a leader on the field for the Chicago Bears but far from it off the field.

Bears’ head coach Matt Eberflus admitted as much yesterday.

The lasting impression of Smith and his time with the Bears will be a lack of awareness. Had Smith had an agent, chances are he would have accepted the contract offer that the Bears submitted this summer. Had Smith had an agent, he would have had the awareness to not issue a statement where he shattered the relationship with the organization. Had Smith had an agent, he would have had the overall awareness to understand his current position from a business standpoint.

Even in his exit from the Bears organization, Smith proved just how unaware he was in saying that he was not planning to be traded. Agents can be a player’s best friend. But when the player lacks awareness, the joke is on them.

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