This Chicago Bears 2023 mock draft makes sense after trade deadline

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Chicago Bears, Kenny McIntosh
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With their last pick in the draft, the Bears will focus on replacing David Montgomery. It is a sad reality, but the Bears will likely let Montgomery go via free agency instead of paying him. Khalil Herbert has looked fantastic and will be able to take over the starting job, no problem. But, where Montgomery has excelled this year and historically, is in the short yardage game. He’s been their power guy.

That’s why the Bears draft Georgia’s Kenny McIntosh, here, who runs well in a power formation. The Bulldog back stands 6-foot-1 and weighs in at 210 pounds, so he has plenty of size to be able to run between the tackles.

But, at pick 207, the  Bears are also getting a back who is comfortable in the passing game. He is comfortable in that third-down role, in pass protection and catching the football.

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As a runner, McIntosh is very patient, a la Montgomery. He waits for his blockers to set up and then hits the hole. Because he’s a patient, calculated runner, he’ll give the Bears yet another nice one-two punch between he and Herbert. These two could be a thunder and lightning combination, and being able to find someone like that this late is a huge win for the Bears.