3 Chicago Bears that could follow Robert Quinn out the door

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3. Roquan Smith

Roquan Smith is someone that could land the Chicago Bears a lot of draft help.

The Chicago Bears have always done well with two positions. Running back and linebacker have been the backbone of this team for multiple decades. Unfortunately, these are depth positions in the modern-day NFL.

Quarterbacks, left tackles, edge rushers, wide receivers, and corners are significantly more impactful because of the way that the game is played today. That makes paying someone like Roquan Smith too much money just makes no sense.

He had some contract issues during training camp and that made people wonder if he was going to hold out. He ended up showing up anyway for his team and is playing. There have been ups and downs for him so far this year on the field but there is no doubt that he is a great linebacker.

As nice as it would be to keep him, he might be worth trading as well. They just got a fourth-round pick for Robert Quinn who plays a more premier position but has a lot less control because of his age. They could probably get a haul for Smith if they made him available. A winning team would love it.

It is unclear if any of these three will actually be moved but it is a very real possibility. Trading Quinn after a quality win over the Patriots suggests that anything is still on the table because the future is the most important thing.

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