3 Chicago Bears that could follow Robert Quinn out the door

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The Chicago Bears made a massive trade on Wednesday afternoon. They traded Robert Quinn to the Philadelphia Eagles for a fourth-round pick. That is a significant NFL trade for a variety of reasons.

For one, the National Football League’s only remaining undefeated team just added a premier pass rusher. Quinn is very good and he provides veteran leadership to their locker room. That is the type of player you add if you want to make a Super Bowl run.

Quinn broke the Chicago Bears record for the most sacks in a season last year so you know that he can make a major impact on a team. With an organization that has winning aspirations, you might even see more of a drive from him.

As for the Bears, they are clearly sticking to the plan despite a couple of nice unexpected performances. There is a chance that more big names are moved before the November first trade deadline. These are the three biggest names that could follow Quinn out the door:

1. David Montgomery

The Chicago Bears may consider trading David Montgomery before the deadline.

David Montgomery is a very good running back. Splitting carries with Khalil Herbert has made him even more effective this season.

With that in mind, he is a tick below the elite running backs in the NFL so they don’t have to feel locked into him for the rest of his career. There are plenty of contenders that would give something up for a back like him.

With the way that the NFL has gone lately, running back has almost become a depth position on the offense. Teams pick up good running backs in the later rounds of the draft every year.

Every now and again an elite guy falls on your lap but they are becoming a dime-a-dozen as a whole. Getting something for Montgomery now before they have to pay him good money is a great idea.