Chicago Bears land Christian McCaffrey in one of these 3 trades

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The Chicago Bears aren’t in desperate need of a running back right now but they are in desperate need of more help on offense in any way that they can get it. If they could grab a superstar at that position at any point, they really shouldn’t hesitate.

Christian McCaffrey has been one of the best at the position in the NFL over the last handful of years and now he might be on the block. The Carolina Panthers are one of the worst teams in the league.

They have already been forced to trade a player because of something that happened in the middle of a game and they already made a head coaching change.

That type of dysfunction has led to rumors of McCaffrey being traded out of town. If the Chicago Bears were to do something crazy like that, it might look something like this:

Bears Get
Christian McCaffrey
Panthers Get
2023 First-Round Pick
Cole Kmet
David Montgomery
Future Second-Round Pick

The Chicago Bears would have to move a lot to get an elite player via trade.

The Carolina Panthers might not be able to get the draft capital that they are hoping for but they might be able to get at least one first-round pick. If the Bears were bold enough t make a move like that, this could be something along the lines of what it looks like.

Adding a second-round pick in there would probably be necessary as well. The Panthers want to rebuild while the Bears want to help Justin Fields out. Adding a star like McCaffrey to work with is a good way to start.

Cole Kmet is not living up to the hype and David Montgomery is a good but expendable running back if they were to make a blockbuster trade like this. It might not be the right decision for the long term but it would help the Bears develop their quarterback.

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