Thursday night was not a great time for Chicago sports fans

Chicago Bears, Justin Jones (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears, Justin Jones (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

The best thing to happen to and in the City of Chicago on Thursday was night four of Harry Styles’ residency at the United Center. The Chicago sports teams did not have a good night at all.

Both the Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Bears suited up for battle in their respective sports on Thursday night.

The Hawks played the second game of three on their season-opening road trip. After getting beaten badly on banner night in Denver, they rolled into the city of luck and tested theirs against the Vegas Golden Knights.

Down Robin Lehner due to injury, the Knights instill their faith in 25-year-old Logan Thompson between the pipes and he pitched a shutout.

The Hawks were 0-2 on the power play and outshot by 10 so they looked exactly as one would expect them to which is horrid.

Max Domi and Patrick Kane led the team in ice time with almost 20 minutes and three shots on goal (all by Kane).

Alex Stalock stood on his head and only allowed one goal on 37 shots. The Hawks’ offense didn’t back him up with good production.

The Chicago Blackhawks weren’t the only failure in Chicago sports on Thursday.

Is any of this feeling similar at all? The Bears hosted the 1-4 Washington Commanders led by quarterback Carson Wentz, who came in 6-0 in his career on Thursday Night Football.

After breaking the six-quarter-long touchdown drought on Amazon Prime, the Bears finally broke through at the end of the third quarter.

The Commanders were the only team to score in the 4th after Velus Jones Jr. muffed a punt again. Washington recovered the fumble and started their touchdown drive on the Chicago 9.

On an absolute mind-boggling call on 4th and 11 from the Washington 43, the snap doesn’t get off in time and they slide back five yards. They went for it again to no avail.

The right move was to punt the ball away, pin the Commanders deep, and count on them to struggle to move the ball as they had been all night.

By some miracle, they forced the Commanders to attempt a field goal but Joey Slye blew it. The offense got back onto the field with 1:49 to go.

The offensive line did their job, Justin Fields got the Bears to the 6-yard line (setting up first and goal) and it looks like the Bears have it made.

Darnell Mooney and Dante Pettis both dropped their targets leading to 4th and goal on the 4 with 35 seconds on the clock.

In a situation such as this one, a shallow-to-the-goal line doesn’t cut it. If Mooney is farther in the end zone and bobbles like he did but makes the catch, the touchdown counts, and Chicago sports fans are saved.

Unfortunately, like the Blackhawks a few hours later, the Chicago Bears lost the game. It’s gonna be a gruesomely long season for both the Hawks and Bears.

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