5 Chicago Bears that have failed through the first quarter of the season

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Sam Mustipher has been the worst Chicago Bears offensive lineman, by far

Take Pro Football Focus grades for whatever you believe they are worth, but there is certainly a correlation between Sam Mustipher’s grading this year and the product fans have seen on the field.

So far, Mustipher grades out as the 27th-ranked center out of a possible 36 by PFF. His pass-blocking grade, though, ranks as the second-worst out of all qualifying centers — 22.7. From what we have seen through four games, that grade checks out. Mustipher has been getting Fields completely destroyed out there. And, it doesn’t appear as though Mustipher’s job is in any danger, unfortunately.

Sure, a lot can be put on Fields for holding the ball or not being as decisive, but if a young quarterback gets pressured straight down the middle on many of his drop-backs, it makes the decision-making part of his job a whole lot more difficult. The quickest way to the quarterback, as a pass rusher, is straight through the middle of the pocket. If Fields is seeing pressure coming right at him, more often than not, then of course it’s going to be hard for him to make proper decisions.

As a young quarterback, you depend on protection in order to properly develop. The Bears have not given him that, and a lot of that weight falls on Mustipher. He has been just about as bad as you can possibly get through four games.