3 weapons the Chicago Bears could trade for to help Justin Fields

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This season was supposed to be a breakout year for Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields. It should have been — and it still can be.

But, at 2-2, the Bears should feel fortunate they have even won two games. They should also feel fortunate that Fields hasn’t gotten killed.

Over the 2022 offseason, first-year general manager Ryan Poles opted for more of a “wait and see” approach. He decided not to go all in on Fields, and instead see what he’s got in his quarterback. Poles inherited a mess of a roster and cap situation, so it was clear he was aiming for 2023 as his big spending offseason.

But, the problem has been, and will continue to be that Fields clearly doesn’t have enough to be given a fair shot. If he is to develop and see a breakout season, Fields needs some help.

The Chicago Bears can still give Justin Fields some help to allow for a second year breakout.

The fans which complained all offseason long about a lack of protection and lack of weapons for Fields are now taking a victory lap after four games. It has been extremely difficult to watch Fields this year because of his wavering faith in his supporting cast.

Fields is indecisive, yes, but having suboptimal protection and a lack of weapons is hurting his mental game. It is very tough for a quarterback to trust himself when he can hardly trust his supporting cast.

In four games, it’s been easy for defenses to hold the Bears offense down by ensuring they keep tabs on Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet while also taking advantage of the weak spots in the Bears’ offensive line. Speaking just on behalf of the former, the Bears need to give Fields some help in terms of weapons.

If the Bears want to give their quarterback a fair chance for the remainder of his sophomore year as a pro, then Poles should start taking a look around at what deals he could make happen. Starting with adding some weapons, maybe the Bears could pull off a trade for one of the following guys.