3 Chicago Blackhawks to trade before the regular season starts

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Chicago Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews
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Jonathan Toews is a player that the Chicago Blackhawks might actually trade.

Jonathan Toews is kind of in the same boat as Seth Jones. He isn’t as productive as Seth Jones anymore but there is still plenty of value provided by his presence in an NHL lineup. That even applies to a team as bad as the Blackhawks who are trying to build it back up.

However, he makes 10.5 million for one more season, and then his contract is up. It would be really smart for the Blackhawks to retain as much as another team needs them to and move him. He has been a great captain for a long time but there are a few reasons to consider it.

For one, you’d be helping someone who has been so good to you. Toews would almost certainly be traded to a contender so he would have a chance to make a deep postseason run and win his fourth Stanley Cup. He provides some of the little things needed to win in this league.

Like Jones, he makes a lot of money which would make him hard to trade. However, it is just for this one more season as previously mentioned. That means that it is certainly possible that he is moved.

Toews has never really liked the idea of the team rebuilding and he certainly wouldn’t like to hear the word tanking which is exactly what the Hawks are trying to do. Trading him would be a monumental move in the franchise’s history but it could get them assets and help them move on.