Blackhawks: Another bad Stan Bowman trade rears it’s ugly head

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks are going to be a bad team in 2022-23. When that is the case this year, it is going to catch nobody by surprise. There might be some folks that don’t follow hockey that much that are taken back by it but those paying attention know what is coming.

It is possible that this is the worst team in the league. They will for sure be amongst the worst in the league competing for the 2023 NHL Draft Lottery. Although that is the case, it is obvious that some mistakes made by the former regime are hindering their ability to feel even better about the future.

On Tuesday, amongst many other moves, the Blackhawks put Nicolas Beaudin on waivers. That is a horrible thing for the franchise for a variety of reasons. It should make people very upset with Stan Bowman as this is another terrible trade that he made blowing up in their faces.

Beaudin was the first-round pick used by the Hawks that they received in the trade that sent Ryan Hartman to the Nashville Predators. Now, Hartman is a 30-goal scoring center for the Minnesota Wild while the Hawks are trying to give Beaudin away for free.

The Chicago Blackhawks are still seeing bad Stan Bowman trades affect them.

It is a shame to see this happen to this young man. It isn’t his fault that the team did him no favors when it comes to his development and it isn’t his fault that Stan messed up this trade so badly. Hopefully, he gets claimed by a good organization and gets his career turned around.

Between Artemi Panarin, Teuvo Teravainen, and Phillip Danault amongst others, Bowman has made some terrible trades. He has been gone for just under a year but he wasn’t even fired for hockey-related reasons.

It was really a disaster of a run for him as the GM of this team but it is time for them to move forward. Kyle Davidson seems to have a plan and that involves building this team the right way. It is just annoying that these bad trades keep rearing their ugly head. We can only hope that the new regime learns from this going forward.

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