Ryan Poles revitalizes Chicago Bears roster in this early 2023 mock draft

Chicago Bears (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /
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It is never too early for a mock draft, especially if you are a Chicago Bears fan.

No, that wasn’t necessarily a dig at the Bears’ upcoming 2022 season. Sure, this Bears squad might not be destined for a playoff berth. But, the future certainly looks much brighter if you see the entire picture.

First-year general manager Ryan Poles came into a tough situation. Fans have to understand that this first full calendar year is going to be all about building the foundation. The Bears aren’t going to win immediately, but with the assets under his belt, Poles has an opportunity to turn this thing around fairly quickly.

Moves made this past offseason have set the Bears up for a year of learning, growing and ultimately paving the path forward towards long-term success. And, biggest step towards a successful 2023 season is going to be come draft time.

This college football season, Chicago Bears fans will get a taste of what could be theirs come next year in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Poles will have a first-round pick to work with next year. It will be the first year in some time that the Bears have picks in the first, second and third round — not to mention the following three rounds, too.

The only round they’re without a pick, at the moment, is in the seventh round. And, if recent history is any indication, Poles will be extremely busy on Day 3 of the draft in order to add even more talent.

For starters, Bears fans are looking forward to the early rounds with a couple of things in mind. First of all, it’s at the wide receiver position. Next year’s class is absolutely loaded. If this mock draft has any foreshadowing in it whatsoever, the Bears are going to look a whole lot better in a hurry.