5 best offseason moves the Chicago Bears made in 2022

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5. Drafting four offensive linemen

The Chicago Bears drafted plenty of offensive linemen at the 2022 NFL Draft.

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to throw the kitchen sink at it. That’s what Ryan Poles and co. did with the offensive line in the draft.

He may not have used “premium” capital at the position but the more darts approach is arguably more worthwhile.

That is especially true in the draft. There are rarely sure things and offensive linemen specifically tend to struggle right away.

Taking just one guy early and expecting him to be a high-level contributor can be a dangerous game because of this developmental curve.

Putting eggs in multiple baskets, as the Bears did, gives them a higher probability that 1/4 guys could eventually contribute.

In addition, it’s not like they took a bunch of nondesirable players. Almost all of them have legit traits that could be refined into plus production down the road.

It’s hard to expect any of the four to hit the ground running this season but should see snaps throughout the season given how thin the Bears are there.

However, this was more of a long-term play that could pay dividends down the road. If they steal just 1 decent starter, it’s a massive win. Everything else is gravy.

Overall, this was a really sharp way to attack a position in which the developmental curve affects even the best prospects.