Top 5 options for the Chicago Bulls in the 2022 NBA Draft

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The day has finally come for the 2022 NBA Draft, and there is still plenty left to be discovered about how teams will be operating. The Chicago Bulls continue to dominate many rumors, but we still aren’t quite sure what their plan is.

As of now, Arturas Karnisovas, Marc Eversley and their draft room hold the no. 18 overall pick. But, there is certainly a possibility the pick is traded before they are on the clock.

Will the Bulls engage with the Utah Jazz about a possible trade for big man Rudy Gobert? After all, that’s been the talk for a few days now. Some even feel like it’s bound to happen.

There are other trade options for the Bulls, too, which include potentially landing Atlanta Hawks forward John Collins or simply trading their pick along with Coby White to move up in the draft order.

Beyond all of the smoke, if the Chicago Bulls end up keeping their no. 18 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, they have some excellent options.

If the Bulls wind up standing pat and keeping their pick at no. 18, the options could be aplenty. After the draft moves past the seventh or eighth overall pick, the draft is going to get somewhat messy. There are a whole lot of players similarly graded after that area in the draft, and Chicago very well could end up with a steal.

Which direction do they go, though? One of the positions of need includes a backup to center Nikola Vucevic. Their front court depth was a huge area of weakness last season.

Another spot they could go after, in a similar fashion, is a backup to power forward Patrick Williams. Again, the depth there looked shoddy at times last season.

Still, Chicago might end up with a wing if the right guy falls, and could find a young player to groom behind DeMar DeRozan. Which players are the ideal fits, though, for this Bulls team? Let’s look at the top five.

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