3 trades the Chicago Bears should attempt in coming days

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This Chicago Bears offseason has been a highly-unique one thus far. For several years, the Bears have been under the leadership of former general manager Ryan Pace.

What Pace brought to the table was a much different approach in free agency, as he spent quite a bit of money in comparison to other NFL general managers — and the contracts weren’t always sensible.

Poles, on the other hand, has taken a more patient approach. He has made a good amount of signings so far, but none of them have been in the high-dollar range. Similarly. They’ve all been shorter contracts.

The one huge move Poles has made saw the Bears ship Khalil Mack off to the Los Angeles Chargers. It’s clear he’s building for the future and not this year, and the sooner fans realize that, the better.

Chicago Bears GM Ryan Poles should continue to transform this roster by attempting another trade or two.

Other than trading Mack, the Bears could try to unload another player or two in the coming days.

Going into this first offseason, Poles had only five draft picks this year. Mack’s trade gave him an additional second rounder and then a sixth rounder in 2023. Still, the Bears sit with just six draft picks in 2022 and Poles is going to need far more than that if he’s to make an impact on the future of this franchise.

The Bears have a couple of options to help acquire more draft capital, as well as unload future salary to set them up for a brighter 2023 and beyond. These three trades are some that Poles should definitely try to make come to fruition.