Jonathan Toews gives a weird quote about his Blackhawks future

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Everyone knows that the Chicago Blackhawks are going to execute a rebuild. Kyle Davidson is their new general manager and he seems to know what his plan is. One thing that will be interesting to see is what happens with Jonathan Toews.

He has the rest of this year and all of next year left on his deal. He is still a player that can help any team in the National Hockey League win but he is not worth the 10.5 million dollar cap hit anymore which makes him tough to trade for. The Hawks will likely see him stay through his contract.

Toews was asked about the future a couple of days ago and he didn’t give the response that a lot of people expected. He gave a quote that made it seem like his future after 2022-23 was going to be somewhere outside of Chicago.

That is not something that a lot of Blackhawks fans want to hear but it feels inevitable at this point. The Hawks need to move on and rebuild while Toews should probably end his career on a team that has a chance to win big.

Jonathan Toews doesn’t seem to be into the idea of a rebuilding Blackhawks team.

Toews used to feel like a player that was going to be in Chicago forever. Now, it is obvious that it isn’t going to happen. That is the beginning part of his quote in a nutshell as well. After that, he started talking about what it would be like to play with another team which is the most interesting part.

The Blackhawks should probably force this to happen. Toews did nothing wrong here but you need people on the team that are all in on rebuilding if you are actually going to go through with it. It doesn’t sound like he is into that idea too much.

He shouldn’t want to be in a rebuild either if we are being honest. He is a player on the other side of 30 that had a tough illness scare within the last year so he probably wants to have a chance to win in the back nine of his career. There is nothing wrong with that.

He is still going to go down as one of the team’s all-time greatest players. Nothing can undo what he did with the team helping them to three Stanley Cup championships in a span of six years. When Toews finally does move on, however, it is going to be a win for both sides.

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