5 former high draft pick free agents the Chicago Bears can sign

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The Chicago Bears could sign free agent cornerback Trae Waynes

Eberflus has said time and time again that he is looking for speed. If that’s the only thing he gets in Trae Waynes, then at least his number one priority is filled. The Bears need a whole lot of help at cornerback right now. In fact, only Jaylon Johnson and Thomas Graham are guys the Bears could remotely count on going forward.

Usually, a team carries around six cornerbacks on their active roster. Therefore, Waynes makes a ton of sense even if he comes in to compete for a spot. As the no. 11 overall pick back in 2015, Waynes came to the Minnesota Vikings as one of the fastest players in the draft.

The Michigan State product was a polarizing name in that draft class, because of course he had speed, but did he have all the other intangibles? It was evident, early on, that Waynes did not have everything he needed to succeed as a starting corner in this league.

The biggest thing Vikings fans harped on Waynes for was his inability to stay aware of where the ball was. He could keep up with anybody down field, sure, but turning his head to see the football seemed like an impossibility.

Because of that, he was often penalized and gave up big plays. The speed is still there, and after a humbling season that saw him play in only five games for the Cincinnati Bengals, Waynes is looking for a new home.