Chicago Bears could enter the Tyreek Hill trade sweepstakes

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

In yet another shocking turn of events this offseason, star wide receiver Tyreek Hill has been granted permission to find a trade partner as his extension talks have stalled. Enter: the Chicago Bears.

The connection is obvious, the need is obvious, the money is there. Will it happen? Obviously, Ryan Poles’ tallest task ahead of him is to give Justin Fields weapons to work with and build a strong team around him. He noted in his press conference that his philosophy is to be selective in free agency and build through the draft, but how do trades factor into this?

Typically, free agents are free agents for a reason, and it makes sense Poles would rather be selective targeting players not wanted by their incumbent teams than making big splashes.

However, trades are completely different. Big time trades can have a major impact because the players involved in these are proven commodities.

Recent players who have been traded (not including this insane ongoing QB carousel) include Jalen Ramsey, Jamal Adams, Von Miller, Khalil Mack, and Davante Adams. These are all immediately impactful players for their new teams and Tyreek Hill is firmly in that class of elite players in the NFL.

The Chicago Bears must absolutely explore the price of trading for Tyreek Hill.

This is why the Chicago Bears should have an interest in trading for Tyreek Hill. He’s 28, has been relatively healthy, has championship pedigree, and knows how to play with a QB that likes to extend plays. This is the easy part, there is no chance Poles and Cunningham don’t kick the tires on it and the connection between Poles and Kansas City makes it seem even more plausible.

Unfortunately, this connection might be as far as the Bears get in any pursuit of Tyreek Hill. Assuming he wants to get paid similarly to Davante Adams and the Chiefs place comparable trade value on him, there’s nothing the Bears can do to acquire him besides wildly overpay. The next first-round pick they can trade is next year’s and when there are teams like the Jets, Eagles, and Packers all holding multiple first-rounders in 2022, the likelihood the Chiefs entertain any offers built squarely around the Bears’ 2023 first-rounder is incredibly small.

The Chicago Bears could attempt to circumvent this by including players in the deal, but that’s traditionally not how deals for superstar players are constructed.

While the idea of Tyreek Hill in this scheme with Justin Fields sounds amazing on paper, and the connection between Poles and the Chiefs inspires some hope, the Bears are realistically not in a position to acquire Tyreek Hill. Their best bet is to hope that Poles’ connection to KC stops them from dealing Tyreek to Green Bay where he’d continue to wreak havoc on the rest of the NFL.

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