5 free agent starters the Chicago Bears can still sign

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The first official week of NFL free agency is in the books, and Chicago Bears fans are seemingly split on how they feel Ryan Poles has done.

On one hand, there are fans who understand why Poles has been patient. The first-year general manager has not gone out and overpaid for any big names, while being calculated in his moves and signing mid-level type guys initially.

The other side of the fan base is frustrated with the organization not making any big moves, and while that’s understandable to an extent, everyone must realize Poles’ overall plan. He’s setting the Bears up to take a step this year, but 2023 will be the big offseason.

Now, that’s not to say he won’t go and make a notable move, still. After all, there are some big names that remain available.

Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears could still sign several players who would come in and start immediately.

There are key positions which still have yet to be filled, and some of them will certainly be filled via the 2022 NFL Draft. But, if Poles wanted to, he could still attempt to make a splash.

Obviously, wide receiver is a need and Bears fans love focusing on a position like that because of the rookies available in this draft and some of the veterans still unsigned. Surely, signing Odell Beckham Jr. would come as a shock but that’s the type of move which would get the fan base excited.

No, we’re not diving into any receivers, nor is Beckham coming to Chicago a likely scenario. But, there are some other notable moves the Bears could still make during the second week of free agency, starting with a potential All Pro at safety.