Former Bears star Allen Robinson has a new NFL home

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have done almost nothing right over the last few years. One of the many mistakes that they have made is the way that they handled Allen Robinson. For a lot of his Bears’ tenure, he was one of the best wide receivers in the National Football League.

In his final year with the club, however, he was badly mistreated. Matt Nagy did not call enough plays that targeted him or got him involved enough. It also seems like Robinson himself believed like it was being done on purpose which tells you how toxic things actually were.

Now, Robinson has a new NFL home as he has signed a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Rams. Of course, he is going to the team that is now the defending Super Bowl champions. He will be there to help them defend their title and pursue a second consecutive one.

There are a lot of very good players there in Los Angeles that will help Robinson get the most out of his game. The most important is quarterback Matthew Stafford. The former Detroit Lions quarterback will now be throwing passes to the now-former Chicago Bears receiver.

Allen Robinson is going to the Los Angeles Rams on a three-year deal.

It should honestly be a lot of fun seeing Robinson play for the Rams. The Bears are probably going to be a bottom-tier team in 2022 so he has no business playing on a team like this. For the first time in his NFL career, Robinson will have an elite quarterback helping him create offense.

Another intriguing thing about this move is the fact that he will line up opposite Cooper Kupp who was the best receiver in the NFL last season. With Robinson not having to be “the guy”, he might thrive against the opponent’s second-best coverage.

He was always getting the opposition’s best and now that will change. It is a great career move for him as he will be there for the next three seasons. That about fits the window that the Rams have before things really start to fall off for them.

They don’t have a lot of first-round picks for a while so this is a great move for them. It is fair to root for him because it will make Matt Nagy look bad if he succeeds on a team that actually knows what they are doing. This is going to be fun to see.

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