Former Chicago Bears WR Allen Robinson got massively overpaid

Chicago Bears (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

When he signed with the Chicago Bears back in 2018, wide receiver Allen Robinson was coming off an ACL tear but still proved to become an integral part of the offense in his first year.

By his second and third year with the team, Robinson topped the 1,000-yard mark twice. But, when it came to his future beyond Year 3, Robinson’s relationship with the Bears took a turn for the worse — along with everything else.

Former general manager Ryan Pace didn’t do a very good job establishing trust between Robinson and the Bears, thus creating a lot of friction. When the Bears finally decided to franchise tag Robinson, his interest in playing for the organization was long gone.

Now, Robinson has a new home, joining his third pro team and current world champs, the Los Angeles Rams.

Based on his effort last year with the Chicago Bears, Allen Robinson was massively overpaid by the Los Angeles Rams.

Forget the conspiracy that Matt Nagy and the Bears “schemed” him out of the offense. Once he didn’t get the long-term deal that he wanted, Robinson put forth some of the worst effort we have seen from a Bears receiver — and that is saying a lot.

The way he completely quit on his team in 2021 was flat out embarrassing. Go back and watch the film, and you’ll see a guy who jogged through a bunch of his routes and gave up blocking before the play was even over. A perfect example of the latter was on a long Justin Fields run against the Green Bay Packers last year, where Robinson ran out of bounds instead of making a block that would’ve resulted in a Fields’ touchdown.

The hilarious aspect of this deal is, Robinson made more on the franchise tag last year and reportedly wanted around the same number annually — around $18 million. Now, he gets an average of $15 million per year.

But, for a guy who showed little energy on the field in 2021, Robinson was far overpaid.

Let’s be real here. Sure, he “hasn’t had a quarterback” for a large part of his career. But, this is a guy who has only made one Pro Bowl, zero All Pro teams and has only had one season with double-digit touchdowns — and that came all the way back in 2015.

The Rams are already a great organization, so this was an easy decision for Robinson. Now, he won’t be the number one option in L.A. as he shares targets with Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and Van Jefferson.

Who knows, maybe the Rams bring back Odell Beckham Jr. on a friendly contract that essentially means they all want to come back and win another ring together. That would be scary.

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But, when it comes to Robinson, this is a massive overpay. Good for him — he finally got a quarterback. But, the Rams got taken for a ride on this deal.