Ranking the Chicago Bears offseason needs as free agency heats up

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The Chicago Bears are going back to a 4-3 base defense. That means big bodies like Goldman are not needed in that scheme. Eberflus’ scheme likes to have a one-gap defense tackle, lining up on the guard’s outside shoulder. It is better known as a three-technique tackle. To summarize what that means, the Chicago Bears need leaner, faster, and stronger defensive tackles that can rush the passer from inside.

Think back to Tommie Harris during the Lovie Smith era.

Bilal Nichols is a Bears’ free agent that could be re-signed and fits that player model. The Bears already got a nice free-agent commitment.

Pairing Nichols and Ogunjobi together would put some pressure on the quarterback from the inside.

Also, Poles wants to build up the trenches on both sides of the ball. That is why this position is still rated higher.

The Bears could hit the second tier of free agency to round the rest of the rotation. The Vegas Raiders have a couple of free agents available with ties to the Bears’ new defensive line coach.

Usually, getting top-tier disruptive tackles in this scheme requires a first-round pick and the Bears do not have one this season. So the Bears going with the second and third wave-free agents to get through this season makes the most sense to build a good defensive tackle rotation. They can then use next year’s draft to get more talent on the defensive line.

It looks like the Bears are going to part with Akiem Hicks in free agency.

The Bears might be moving Roquan Smith to outside linebacker on the weak side–better known as the WILL linebacker.

That means the Chicago Bears still need a middle linebacker–also known as the MIKE linebacker. They will need to add another linebacker to the strong side linebacker–better known as the SAM linebacker.

The Bears could try to bring back Alec Olegtree or sign recently released Bobby Wagner.

Another high profile name just became available the Bears could pursue.

Otherwise, the Bears could use the second or third tier in free agency to address this area. If the Chicago Bears trade down in the draft to pick up more picks, then it makes sense to address this position in the draft.

The Chicago Bears currently have Cole Kmet under contract. They also re-signed Jesper Horsted. Horsted has the pass-catching talent to thrive in Getsy’s offense much like Robert Tonyan developed in Green Bay.

The Bears still could use a tight end or two to be added to the roster. Jimmy Graham is gone. He is either retiring or going to a contender.

David Njoku would have been a perfect fit for the Bears but the Cleveland Browns franchise tagged him.

The Bears should use the draft to find their second tight end and a third tier free agent to pick up their fourth tight end. The Bears could also re-sign Jesse James as he had good chemistry with Fields.