Patrick Kane makes history again in Chicago Blackhawks win

(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
(Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

Things have not gone particularly well for the Chicago Blackhawks since winning the Stanley Cup in 2015. It was their third Cup in 6 years so there wasn’t much to complain about but now it is getting worse. They are getting worse as their stars get older with little to look forward to. However, Patrick Kane continues to put on a show.

Kane is already considered to be one of the greatest players in franchise history and he still has a lot of hockey left. By the time he is done, he could be considered to be the greatest player in team history and American history.

On Saturday, the Blackhawks went into Canada’s capital and beat the Ottawa Senators pretty well. The final score was 6-3 and Kane had a major influence. He had three assists in the game which was pretty special to see. He helps everyone he plays with succeeding which is the sign of an elite player.

He now has 49 assists on the season which is incredible for him playing on this horrid team. It is exciting because he continues to make history as time goes on as well. His first assist of the game came on a Jonathan Toews goal and it was a big milestone.

The assist passed Bobby Hull for second all-time on Chicago’s scoring list. He was previously tied with him at 1153 but that point passed him up. He blew past it by adding the other two assists to get his total to 1156. He now only trails Stan Mikita who has an incredible 1467.

Patrick Kane is one of the greatest players in Chicago Blackhawks history.

When you thought of the all-time great Blackhawks players ten years ago, Hull and Mikita were at the front of it. Now, Kane is right there in the mix. So is Jonathan Toews who scored the goal that helped Kane pass Hull which is amazing theatre. Hockey is romantic.

It is going to be really hard for Kane to pass Mikita. He might reach that point total in his career but will he do it with Chicago? He only has the rest of this year and next year left on his deal. He might want to remain a Blackhawks player forever but how realistic is that?

Either way, we get to enjoy him in Chicago for now. He has been a pleasure to watch for all these years with good teams and with bad teams. He still has a few other records within reach but the main thing is getting this Blackhawks team back into contention. It is still nice, however, to celebrate a legendary Chicago player like Kane.

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