What the Chicago Bears should do with 5 remaining big money players

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The Chicago Bears should give Eddie Jackson one more shot in Eberflus’ turnover focused defense

Eddie Jackson has the second-highest cap number with a number of just over $15 million. Jackson showed a lot of promise in his first couple of seasons. Through 2017-2019, Jackson had 10 interceptions, three returned for touchdowns, went to two Pro Bowls, and was named first-team All-Pro.

Former general manager Ryan Pace rewarded Jackson with a huge contract extension. Since getting paid, Jackson has failed to record an interception in two seasons. He has been known more for being a horrible tackler than a fearsome ballhawk.

Jackson’s cap number and play make it reasonable for Poles to think about just cutting his losses and letting Jackson go. If Jackson is cut, it would have to be after June 1st for the Chicago Bears to get any cap savings.

Jackson’s trade value at this point is unknown but he would likely not bring back a second-round pick as Mack did.

The other option is to keep Jackson and that is the one that makes the most sense. The main reason is Eberflus’ defenses focus on taking the ball away.

Jackson was being asked to do things under former defensive coordinators Chuck Pagano and Sean Desai that did not fit his strengths–namely, tackle.

Eberflus could get Jackson back to doing what he does best and that is roaming the field looking to pick off passes. Also if Jackson continues to regress, the Bears can always let him go after the next season and get even more salary-cap savings.