3 trades the Chicago Bears should try for a Seahawks receiver

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The Chicago Bears could trade a pair of picks for Tyler Lockett

If the Bears do not go after Metcalf, maybe they take a look at Tyler Lockett. The veteran wideout is 29 years old and in the middle of a monstrous contract he signed worth $69 million over four seasons.

This season, Lockett counts $10 million against the cap — not too shabby. Next year, that jumps to $16.75 million, which also isn’t too bad. However, in the final two years, Lockett will count as a $23.9 million cap hit in both seasons. If the Bears wanted to cut him after the 2023 season, they could save $9 million.

Metcalf is certainly worth more, so the Bears would only be giving up a third and seventh-round pick here, and if Poles can ensure they’re both from next year’s draft, that would be ideal. Trading future capital is always easier, because it gives time in between to re-acquire more.

Lockett is one of the best deep ball catchers in the NFL, and with the way Fields loves to throw the long ball, this would be an excellent move. Lockett has some of the best hands in the game and still offers at least a few more years of elite play.