Chicago Bears News: Aaron Rodgers will remain a rival

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It is sad to say but the future of the Chicago Bears isn’t only influenced by their own actions. Aaron Rodgers has been a top-five all-time quarterback playing for the Green Bay Packers so his decision on whether or not to play football is massive for the Bears.

If Rodgers plays, the Green Bay Packers are the odds on favorite to win the NFC North no matter what. The Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, and Detroit Lions just have to try and get to the top in spite of him. Each of them has had one-off years but the Packers usually get right back.

After the way that things went for him in 2021-22, there was thought that he might be done in Green Bay. It was thought that he could either retire or play for someone else but neither of those things is going to happen.

Ian Rapoport started Tuesday off by reporting that Rodgers will be back in Green Bay on a four-year 200 million dollar deal. That would make him the highest-paid player in NFL history. It would also make sense considering that he has won the last two NFL MVPs.

A few minutes later, Pat McAfee tweeted that it is true about Rodgers. He, however, noted that there is no deal currently in place and that a cap-friendly deal is on the way. He also made sure to state that the news of the four-year 200 million dollar deal was not accurate.

During the NFL season, Rodgers appears on McAfee’s show every Tuesday. They clearly have a friendship that makes McAfee’s report seem a lot more likely. AJ Hawk, Rodgers’ former Packers teammate, is a co-host on the show as well. This report is likely closer to the truth.

Aaron Rodgers is going to remain a Chicago Bears division rival for a while.

This is bad news. He is going to stick around with the Packers for a while now. They will also probably be able to retain Devante Adams so that this duo can continue dominating everyone that they play in the regular season. The Chicago Bears are in trouble.

Justin Fields needs to become a superstar or they will never get over this hump as long as Rodgers is doing his thing. He is getting up there in football age but he has only gotten better in his 30s. There is no telling if he will be like Tom Brady in terms of longevity as only time will tell.

Postseason success has to be next for Rodgers. He only won one Super Bowl and it was 12 years ago in 2010. He is one of the all-time greats so he probably wants more than one over the span of his legendary career. Well, it is up to him and the Packers to try and get that done.

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