3 reasonable trade packages for Amari Cooper to the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /
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Trade Number 1 for the Chicago Bears to land Amari Cooper

When considering what the Cowboys would like in exchange for Cooper, you have to look at the fact that all 32 teams understand Dallas will eventually cut him if they can’t find a trade partner. For that reason, the Bears would want to come in with more of an aggressive offer if they really wanted Cooper.

But, the term “aggressive” doesn’t mean what it normally would when referring to a player of this caliber. If Cooper wasn’t on such a hefty contract and Dallas wasn’t in a hurry to get him off the books, he would likely still get somewhere along the lines of a first rounder, or a combination of picks like a second and a fifth.

Considering the contract the Bears are taking on, this is pretty solid value for the Cowboys. A fourth-round pick is something that could still turn into a starter for Dallas. As a Cowboys fan, knowing Cooper is as good as gone either way, you would have to be thrilled with this kind of value.

On the Bears’ end, they will enter another draft without a fourth rounder. However, they now have a legitimate number one receiver for Fields.