Kyle Davidson already making first Blackhawks changes

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Kyle Davidson hasn’t even been the full-time Chicago Blackhawks General Manager for a week and he is already making major changes. He obviously has some big player decisions to make over the coming weeks leading into the trade deadline but he made some front office moves first.

They let go of VP of amateur scouting Mark Kelley and Assistant GM Ryan Stewart on Friday. Both of these two were with the team for 15 years and a part of three Stanley Cup Championship teams. It was an outstanding tenure for them but there was a big need for change.

Everything and everyone old with this management team should be let go because it is time for a fresh direction. We are seeing it more and more with this team every day. Kelley and Stewart going is notable news but it is time to move on.

Davidson clearly has a plan with this team. He knows that they need to rebuild the team both on and off the ice. He made his intentions clear when he was introduced as the new full-time General Manager earlier this week.

Kyle Davidson needs to rebuild the Chicago Blackhawks from top to bottom.

Davidson had previously been the interim GM of the team but he didn’t make any changes during that time. Now that he has full control of the hockey operations, he is going to make the moves that he feels necessary.

It is unclear whether or not this will be his last front office move. He is going to be replacing these guys soon enough. The big story going forward will be regarding the moves he makes involving players. There are a lot of trade chips on the roster right now that should be able to net them some valuable assets.

Rebuilding this team is the right move. It starts at the top of the organization down to the last player on the roster. They haven’t won a playoff series since winning the Stanley Cup in 2015 so some big changes need to come.

If Davidson can acquire the right prospects, draft picks, and NHL-ready players, this thing can get turned around. They don’t only want to win but they also want to have sustained success. With a move like this, Davidson clearly has a plan to make that happen.

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