3 Chicago Bears trades that could go down at 2022 NFL Combine

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The Chicago Bears could trade Nick Foles to the Washington Commanders

This offseason, it is pretty clear that the Washington Commanders are going to be in the quarterback market. They could go after both a veteran and a rookie in this year’s draft, just to solidify the position. Fortunately for the Bears, they have Fields in place and are locked in there.

One under-the-radar type move the Commanders could make is to acquire veteran Nick Foles from the Bears. Chicago very well could cut Foles if they wanted to save the $3 million against the cap, but they could also opt to trade him. Washington makes sense as a team who might wait until next year to find their franchise quarterback and use a bridge in 2022.

In terms of strategy for this year, there’s going to be a few teams which opt for that bridge type of quarterback since this draft class isn’t viewed as a strong quarterback group. Therefore, Foles in Washington makes sense. The Bears wouldn’t get much back, but anything helps at this point.

The seventh-round pick Chicago would get back from Washington lands at no. 228 overall. At this point, they would then have to find another quarterback to back up Fields, but maybe they use that seventh rounder as a developmental quarterback option for their backup spot.