The Chicago Blackhawks name their General Manager

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Things have not gone very well for the Chicago Blackhawks in 2021-22. They are a bad team with a very bleak future due to the fact that they don’t have many superstar prospects to look forward to. Their best young player is Alex DeBrincat and they might be smarter to trade him away than to keep him.

It is going to be up to the next General Manager to take care of this mess. Stan Bowman left behind a disastrous roster that had a mix of rebuild and win-now players on it. He was just never able to get this team in one direction or another following a horrendous 2017 offseason which started it all.

On Monday, the Blackhawks hinted on Twitter dot com that they would be announcing that name soon. Well, low and behold, they came through and hired Kyle Davidson. Davidson was serving as the interim GM before this hire was made.

It might be a less fun pick than some of the other names because of his interim status prior but it is clear that Davidson cares about them a lot. He is going to have the full-blown chance to try and make this team right. They have some pieces in place that could help them grow as an organization.

The Chicago Blackhawks will have Kyle Davidson as their new General Manager.

Kyle Davidson didn’t do anything wrong in his decision-making so far. However, he didn’t do anything right either. He will be put to the test very soon here as the NHL Trade Deadline is coming up.

Davidson was one of six other candidates to be interviewed and considered for the job. He obviously impressed the hiring committee that Danny Wirtz put together enough to be the long-term guy over some of the other names. It is going to be interesting to see how he handles things for this team going forward.

This team has a lot of work to do but it is a very exciting time for Blackhawks fans. This team is finally moving forward in the right direction after a long period of bad decision making both on and off the ice.

Davidson, a 33 year old, has been with the Blackhawks to some capacity since 2010. He brings a fresh mindset that is going to change the way the team is ran. He will report to Danny Wirtz which is probably a very good idea over having a team President. Hopefully, this is a move that makes the Chicago Blackhawks a better team in the future because they need some big time changes.

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