Aaron Rodgers’ cryptic instagram post has Chicago Bears fans wondering

Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

To the Green Bay Packers fans rolling their eyes and laughing at the fact that we, Chicago Bears fans, can’t keep this type of rumor or news out of our heads: you’re right.

You are absolutely right. Packer fans can laugh and poke fun all they want, and that’s perfectly fine.

When you have been tormented for over two decades by one position on one bitter division rival, you’ll understand just how much this topic means to Bears fans. When Aaron Rodgers finally leaves Green Bay, it will feel as though the Bears won a mini Super Bowl. But, yes, go ahead and laugh. We’ll allow it.

On with the news — er, rumor? Rodgers took to instagram last night to post a very cryptic “thank you” to those he was closest to over the past year.

Could Aaron Rodgers finally be on his way out, leaving Chicago Bears fans with the ultimate sense of relief?

Rodgers’ post was a lengthy one, but here’s the text:

"#MondayNightGratitude for some of the incredibly special people in my life, with some pictures from the last beautiful year.@shailenewoodley, thanks for letting me chase after you the first couple months after we met, and finally letting me catch up to you and be a part of your life. Thanks for always having my back, for the incredible kindness you show me and everyone you meet, and for showing me what unconditional love looks like, I love you and am grateful for you.To the men I got to share the QB room with everyday, Matt, Nathaniel, Luke, @jordan3love and @kurtbenkert , you guys made every day so much fun and I’m so thankful for the daily laughs and stress relief you brought me every week of the year. I love you guys.To the Friday Crew, @aiydacobb , @rcobb18 , @frankieshebby , and @davidbakhtiari , I loved every moment we got to spend together this year. Your love and support was overwhelming, and I cherish the friendships I have with each of you.To my teammates, past and current, you are the icing on the beautiful cake we call our job; football. the friendships that we have will transcend our collective time in this game and I am so thankful for the role that each of you have played in making my life that much better. I love you guys, and cherish the memories we’ve made.To everyone else,Spread love and gratitude you beautiful people, and read a book once in a while too while you’re at it. Love and peace"

For the past year or so, there have been countless rumors about Rodgers leaving Green Bay for a team such as the Denver Broncos. He nearly quit on the team last year, before ultimately coming back after restructuring the deal he had with Green Bay. The restructuring included verbiage that stated the Packers would attempt to trade Rodgers if he still indeed wanted out.

Recent reports suggest that the Packers are prepared to “go all-in” to keep Rodgers this offseason. That likely means they are going to push future money down the road and attempt to re-sign Davante Adams, for starters.

But, beyond that, the Packers don’t have a lot of money to work with. They can choose to cut some good players, and opt to not re-sign others, but in the end, how much does that actually help the team win?

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The fact of the matter is, Bears fans won’t have to wait much longer to see Rodgers’ exit in Green Bay. Whether it’s this year or next year, the clock is ticking. Rodgers’ career is coming to an end, whether Packer fans want to come to grips with it or not.