3 Chicago Bears free agents to consider bringing back

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The Chicago Bears could really use Allen Robinson if they use him the right way.

Allen Robinson has been a staple on the Chicago Bears offense for a few years now. However, things are not going well right now. He had the franchise tag on him in 2021 but Matt Nagy did not put him in a position to succeed. It was really tough to watch by the end of the year.

Robinson deserves some blame for his subpar year but he doesn’t deserve it all. He is a wildly talented receiver that can make big plays. We have seen it time and time again with this guy but they need to make sure that he is committed to playing with the Bears.

If he is not, then bye-bye. If he is, however, the Bears should really consider bringing him back this summer. He can be explosive and an amazing asset to Justin Fields as he works through more of his development. Fields had more chemistry with Darnell Mooney in his rookie season than he did with Robinson but that could quickly change.

As mentioned before, Matt Nagy could have been part of Robinson’s problem. If he returned, you would think that the Bears’ new coaching staff gives him the tools that he needs to succeed going forward. It is certainly something to consider.