3 Chicago Bears free agents to consider bringing back

Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, NFL Draft
Chicago Bears (Photo by Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are going to be a very different-looking football team in 2022. There are going to be new coaches in place, a new general manager is running the team, and there are certainly going to be some new players on the roster. It is hard to tell if this team is going to be average or below average. Anything better than average would be a surprise.

Everything with this franchise right now starts and ends with Justin Fields. Chicago selected him in the first round of the 2021 NHL Draft and he has been the future ever since. He had a battle with Andy Dalton last season but it was clear who was better.

It was also clear that Matt Nagy did no favors for Fields in his rookie year. They need to make sure that they are surrounding this kid with plenty of protection in addition to some more weapons to help him make plays. If they don’t do that, then none of this is going to work.

They also need to retool the defense a little bit. They have studs on the pass rush like Khali Mack and Robert Quinn to go with Roquan Smith who is one of the best linebackers in the NFL. There are some question marks in the secondary that need to be figured out in order for it to be a competent unit which is certainly possible.

The Chicago Bears might be players once free agency rolls around in the NFL.

In order for all of this to happen, the Bears need to make some additions. Free agency is the way to go for some of these needed additions and they will certainly be players in the market. With that in mind, they have a couple of good free agents of their own to consider bringing back: