Predicting the winner of an outstanding Super Bowl LIV

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The Chicago Bears are going to be watching the Super Bowl from home once again. They are a long way away from being a team that makes a deep run but a quick turnaround could also be on the horizon thanks to the development of Justin Fields. We will see.

Super Bowl LIV is going to be a game played between two teams that can teach the Bears a lesson. For the Los Angeles Rams, you could say that the Bears could have been just like them. Instead of trying with Mitch Trubisky, they could have evaluated things better and moved on quicker just like LA did with the Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford trade.

Then there are the Cincinnati Bengals. They were a very bad team in 2019 and 2020 before becoming a legit Super Bowl threat in 2021. That is because of the fact that they drafted Joe Burrow. The Bears have a similar situation with Justin Fields and they hope they can have a similar result.

When it comes to predicting the outcome of the game, it is incredibly difficult because of the fact that each team has shown signs of explosiveness. With that in mind, there is one fact about each team that just can’t be ignored.

Super Bowl LVI is certainly loaded with talent on every side of the football.

The Bengals have some serious issues with their offensive line. Burrow was sacked nine times by the Tennessee Titans and they still managed to win. The difference is that Matthew Stafford will be able to take advantage a lot more than Ryan Tannehill.

It is also fair to say that the Rams’ defensive line is a lot better than the Titans. With guys like Aaron Donald, Leonard Floyd, and Von Miller amongst others in the mix, Burrow might have a really long game running away from these guys. It feels like that is going to be the difference.

As mentioned before, if the Rams do get to Burrow with regularity, they should be able to take advantage a lot more than the Titans did. Stafford should have a fun game throwing to Odell Beckham Jr. and Cooper Kupp to the point where they will put a lot of points on the board.

For that reason, the Rams are going to win this game. It might be close early but Los Angeles is going to be able to pull away. A 35-14 victory for the Rams is my locked-in prediction. It would be Stafford’s first Super Bowl and it would come just one season after leaving Detroit. The Rams pushed all of their chips in and now is their time to get it done.

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