5 trades the Chicago Bears could make before free agency

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The Chicago Bears could trade Eddie Jackson

One of the biggest conundrums the Bears currently have is the case of Eddie Jackson. Just a couple of short years ago, Jackson looked like one of the best safeties in all of football. Now, he appears to have fallen off a cliff — and there’s been no explanation.

At this point, maybe a change of scenery would do Jackson some good. Defensive-minded head coach Robert Saleh, of the New York Jets, might be one to approach about possibly taking Jackson back in a trade. New York traded Jamal Adams away already, and maybe Jackson reinvigorates that defense while finding his way back again.

Jackson’s contract is so big that the Bears should, quite frankly, take whatever the Jets would be willing to offer them. But, a fifth-round pick seems like a safe bet. The Bears could still potentially find a good player there, but also get out of that future money.

This season, Jackson counts $18 million against the cap. If the Bears wanted to cut him in 2023, they would only be hit with a $9 million ding by doing so. Nonetheless, the team has a big decision to make with Jackson. Either he steps up, or he gets booted out.