5 trades the Chicago Bears could make before free agency

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The Chicago Bears could trade Eddie Goldman

One of the teams that should be looking to make huge moves this offseason is the Jacksonville Jaguars. With Trevor Lawrence in place and a competent head coach in Doug Pederson, they have the raw blueprint established. Now, it’s time to build on it.

Jacksonville also has a bunch of cap space this offseason, so taking on Eddie Goldman’s contract wouldn’t be an issue. He is already a cut candidate right now for the Bears, who could save $6 million by letting him go. If the team can get anything in return, though, they should do so.

Jacksonville has to start rebuilding that defense which was once dominant. Goldman just turned 28 years old and should have plenty of football left in his future. He remains one of the more underrated defensive linemen in the league, truly excelling in stuffing the run.

Fortunately, the Bears may have found Goldman’s replacement in the seventh round a year ago with Khyiris Tonga, who played better than anyone could have anticipated in his first season with the Bears.