5 trades the Chicago Bears could make before free agency

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Chicago Bears, Calvin Ridley
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The Chicago Bears could trade for Calvin Ridley

The first trade scenario would end with the Bears getting their true number one receiver to replace Allen Robinson. This offseason, the Bears could opt for free agency and look at one of Chris Godwin, Mike Williams among others. Or, they could enter the Calvin Ridley sweepstakes.

There have been plenty of trade rumors in regards to Ridley, who decided to step away from football mid-season last year. Whether he has an issue with the Falcons, specifically, or is tending to another circumstance, no one knows. However, some believe Ridley will return to football and that maybe a new home would be best for him.

First, the Bears would have to get the confirmation that Ridley is returning to football. Second, the Falcons would probably end up confirming that they’ll find a new home for him. If they came out and said they’re looking to find him a new home, then the Bears would know they could come in with fair value.

While Ridley would normally fetch a first-round or second-round pick, this is a different situation. A third and fourth rounder is probably more fair at this point, trading for a guy who has the questions surrounding his future.

In Ridley, though, the Bears get a dominant route runner with some of the best hands in football. Paired with the speed of Darnell Mooney, Ridley would definitely fit well.