3 logical DH candidates for the Chicago Cubs in 2022

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Chicago Cubs Frank Schwindel
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3. Frank Schwindel

If the Cubs were to re-sign Anthony Rizzo, moving Frank Schwindel to DH would be an obvious choice, at least to start the season, anyway. I still have significant concerns about his ability to produce over a full season, despite how well he played in a 56-game sample size to close out the 2021 campaign.

The almost 30-year-old posted career numbers, hitting .342 with 13 home runs and 40 RBI’s. But his limited track record at the big league level is cause for concern, as noted.

The glove is also a concern, which would make moving him to the DH all that much better. That’s also assuming he continues to produce offensively, or, at least, not be a liability.

Back to the glove.

Schwindel accounted for a combined -4 DRS and -3 plus/minus runs saved above average (rPM) in 2021.

If moved to DH – and no RizzoAlfonso Rivas would be the logical choice to play first base. He played well last season, again, in a limited sample size, hitting .318 in 18 games. Still, he’s an unproven commodity and one that doesn’t project to be the slugger that Rizzo was or Schwindel flexed last season.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, there isn’t an obvious option for the team’s DH. There is a considerable level of risk with the three players mentioned above. However, if the season were to start today – hey, we can only hope, right – Ramirez would be my choice for the Chicago Cubs, given his power.