Alex DeBrincat represents the Chicago Blackhawks well in Vegas

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

Alex DeBrincat is such a great player. He went to the All-Star Game representing the Chicago Blackhawks and it was well deserved. He has 26 goals and 10 assists for 36 points in 46 games played. Yes, Patrick Kane has 42 points in 42 games played but DeBrincat deserved to go for his 26 goals.

It started for DeBrincat on Friday night with the 2022 NHL Skills Competition. He was one of many with a skit during the Breakaway Challenge. He imitated characters from “The Hangover”. He was dressed as Alan and he had some other notable names dressed as other characters from the classic movie.

He also had a little bit of help from Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr who had a nice assist using a football. It was all a lot of fun to watch as Chicago’s guy is one of the great young players in the league putting on a show.

On Saturday, the All-Star Game was played. Of course, DeBrincat was a member of Team Central. He was impactful in their 8-5 victory over the Atlantic Division as he had two goals and an assist. H was able to take advantage of some awesome players around him to get on the board more than once.

Alex DeBrincat represented the Chicago Blackhawks well in Las Vegas.

As a result of the win, the Central Division got to play the Metropolitan Division in the All-Star Game Final. It didn’t go amazing for them as they were defeated in the Final by the Metropolitan Team. DeBrincat scored a goal in the game but it was waved off due to offsides.

It isn’t fun that they lost but it is fun to see a Chicago Blackhawks player make an impact on the league like DeBrincat is right now. He is one of the best goal scorers in the NHL which is amazing for this Blackhawks team. Few can finish a play as well as he can and it showed this weekend.

Following this weekend’s festivities, DeBrincat is going to return to Chicago and his 16-23-7 squad. They aren’t going to the playoffs but they can build towards a better future. That could mean trading DeBrincat before the 2023 trade deadline as his contract expires that following summer. With that in mind, the organization probably wants to keep him around.

He is on pace to score 46 goals which is a lot for an NHL player. He is going to try and get that number as high as he can which should help his confidence and his wallet in the future. It was a thrill to watch him in these games/events and there will be plenty more where that came from for number 12.

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