Matt Eberflus seems to be the exact opposite of Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears (Imagn)
Chicago Bears (Imagn) /

The Chicago Bears had their introductory press conference for new GM Ryan Poles and new head coach Matt Eberflus. Owner George McCaskey and quarterback Justin Fields also made an appearance to take questions from the media. It was honestly a great showing that should make a lot of Bears fans very excited.

One of the biggest takeaways from the entire day has to be the comments made by Matt Eberflus. He was very candid in his plan as a head coach. The best thing that he said was that even though he is a now-former defensive coordinator, he will let the new person that they hire call defensive plays.

That is a major change from Matt Nagy. Nagy was a former offensive coordinator that wanted to run the offense as if he was still the coordinator. It did not work well at all because he was not good at running the team as a whole in addition to being a bad play-caller.

In addition to this difference in philosophy, Eberflus is a lot better on the microphone. He gives what he wants to give without sounding condescending. That is a breath of fresh air for Bears fans and media alike. Hopefully, that is something that continues.

Matt Eberflus seems to be the exact opposite of Matt Nagy which is great.

All we want from this team is a winning product. If that happens by the time they are in Arlington Heights with a beautiful new stadium, they could be one of the most fun franchises in the National Football League. They could also have an elite quarterback in Justin Fields that makes that even better.

Eberflus seems to know what to do in order to get that to happen. Based on his track record with the Indianapolis Colts, we should be able to expect that from the defense and the special teams. If each of those come true and Luke Getsy does a good job with the offense, we could be talking about a team that continues to compete for the North.

Another thing that Eberflus does that appears to be better than Nagy is have something special with the general manager. We never saw Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy act the way that Eberflus and Ryan Poles did on Monday. These two seem to be on the same page which is awesome.

There are a lot of expectations on Eberflus to get this team to the promised land. We have had a few really bad coaches in a row so the leash is going to be short in terms of public opinion. Hopefully, he acts a lot differently than Nagy on the field as well but this is a start.

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