Justin Fields surprises everyone and speaks at presser

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The day started with George McCaskey speaking on behalf of the Chicago Bears at their press conference. Of course, we all knew this was coming so that they could introduce Ryan Poles as the new general manager and Matt Ebeflus as the 17th head coach in franchise history.

Each of them gave a very nice introduction about themselves before taking questions from the media in attendance. They each did a very good job and made a solid first impression. As of now, it seems like the Bears are on the right path with these two. 

After these two were done, however, George McCaskey came back up and took some questions himself. There were some light-hearted ones but he was also asked about the hiring of these two and depth analysis on it all. What came next was a bit of a shocker.

Justin Fields was in the building and he came up to take some questions. This is a big deal for a variety of reasons. For one, it shows that the organization now sees him as a leader and a face. That is good news for sure.

The Chicago Bears had Justin Fields in the building on this very important day.

It also shows that they care about his opinion on certain things as they should. Having your franchise quarterback involved in things with the coach and general manager is very important. He is by far the most important player in the organization.

The Bears did not do this with Jay Cutler or Mitch Trubisky at any point of new coach/general manager hirings. They believed in those guys but clearly not to the level that they believed in Fields. Hopefully, Fields lives up to this hype and respect because the Bears will win a lot of games if he does.

Fields confirmed that he really likes Eberflus and the way that he carries himself. He also confirmed that he has not met Luke Getsy yet. That is a relationship (Fields and Getsy) that needs to develop as soon as the next few days.

The most notable thing that Fields did was end the presser by stating that he is excited to start over with a clean slate. Some could take that as a dig towards the previous regime. That might be half true but it is also possible that he really is just excited to move forward in trying to build his game and this team. It is going to be a lot of fun this offseason knowing a coach, GM, and QB are in place.

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