3 insane Chicago Blackhawks trade packages for Alex DeBrincat

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Chicago Blackhawks, Alex DeBrincat
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The Chicago Blackhawks are a bad hockey team. However, they have some really good players at the top of their lineup. They are a bad team because of some really bad decisions that they made. However, although few and far between, the Hawks have also made a few good decisions.

One of those decisions was drafting Alex DeBrincat in the second round of the 2016 NHL Draft. He came from the Erie Otters where he played with guys like Connor McDavid (first overall in 2015) and Dylan Strome (third overall in 2015).

His size is probably the reason that he fell in the draft the next year, despite fitting in well with high draft picks like McDavid and Strome. McDavid is the best hockey player on planet earth but DeBrincat is certainly better than Strome now.

Some people might see Alex DeBrincat as an untouchable player but that is dangerous thinking. Not a single person on the Blackhawks’ roster should be considered untradable. They are trending in the wrong direction so building for the future should be the top priority.

The Hawks would get an awesome return from a contender if they made DeBrincat available. He is going to be looking for a new contract in the summer of 2023 and it should be a massive upgrade over the 6.4 million that he is making right now.

The Chicago Blackhawks might be smart to trade Alex DeBrincat right now.

It would be a big decision made by the team. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are also coming up in terms of expiring contracts so this team could look very different in a few years. You have to ask yourself if the Hawks will be good again while DeBrincat is still scoring the way that he is now. These are three trade packages to consider if the answer to that question is no: