3 now eliminated Chicago Bears coaching candidates to consider

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Todd Bowles

The Chicago Bears shouldn’t only be in on offensive minds for a head coach.

Going for offensive coaches has not worked out well for the Chicago Bears in recent memory. That does not mean that all offensive coordinators should be off the table. If they could be good leaders, they should be considered. However, they shouldn’t be the exclusive target just because their offense stinks.

Considering someone like Todd Bowles might be a good idea. His Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense was awesome in 2021. They couldn’t get it done on the Rams’ last offensive drive but they had created many turnovers throughout the game which allowed Tom Brady to begin his comeback quest.

If they added him, he could hire someone good to be the offensive coordinator. That would also show a lot of leadership because it would mean that the team is putting the right people in the right place. We saw how bad it can be on the offensive with someone as hard-headed as Matt Nagy running the show. Bringing in a defensive guy like Bowles would be great.

Other teams are going to be in on all three of these guys. It is up to them as to whether or not they leave their current situation but you have to figure they will at least consider it. Everyone wants to be a head coach in the National Football League. Other teams are going to move fast so we can only hope that the Bears do as well.

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