3 now eliminated Chicago Bears coaching candidates to consider

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Brian Daboll

Brian Daboll could come to help the Chicago Bears offense grow and scheme.

Byron Leftwich wasn’t the only really good offensive coordinator to be eliminated this weekend. Brian Daboll of the Buffalo Bills had a magnificent offensive unit there and is now ready to take a head coaching job. It might come this year and it might not but he is certainly in the running for the Chicago Bears.

Yes, like Leftwich, he has been eliminated from postseason contention but only one offensive coordinator can take the claim as the last one standing. Neither team lost because of their offense at all. Daboll can make a claim that his offense was the best in the playoffs so far but Patrick Mahomes won the coin toss in overtime so they didn’t even get a chance to touch the ball.

One reason that Daboll is a good idea is the fact that Josh Allen has had tremendous development under Daboll. It’s not that Leftwich can’t do that, he just hasn’t proven it because of the fact that Brady came with six Super Bowl rings. Now, Allen can make a claim as a top-five quarterback in the NFL because of his growth into superstardom.

If Daboll came to the Chicago Bears, you could probably expect them to be a much better offensive team. However, going for offense shouldn’t be the only thing that they go for. Daboll would need to be a good leader of professional football players to qualify for the job. If the Bears believe that he can do both (generate offense and lead like a head coach), they should go for it.