3 now eliminated Chicago Bears coaching candidates to consider

Chicago Bears (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
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Chicago Bears, Byron Leftwich
Chicago Bears (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /

Byron Leftwich

Byron Leftwich might make a significant impact on the Chicago Bears if hired.

If there is one place to go for examples of recent success, it is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Once they landed Tom Brady in free agency two years ago, it was clear that they had everything they need to move their organization forward.

That proved to be true right away. In year one with Brady, they won the Super Bowl. In year two, they won the NFC South title and a playoff game before falling to the Los Angeles Rams this past weekend. It was a tough game for them to lose after the comeback that they displayed but their run is certainly notable.

Byron Leftwich has been in charge of their offense as their offensive coordinator since 2019. He even helped Jameis Winston (despite lots of interceptions) create a lot of offense. Once an elite quarterback showed up in Brady, it was game over for the rest of the NFC.

Leftwich would bring a lot of great scheming to the Bears if they were to hire him. He has worked with Brady for two years now and could bring some of that brilliance along with him as well. A young quarterback like Justin Fields might be able to learn a lot from a guy like that. Now that his team has been eliminated, they should really consider it.