Former Chicago Cubs pitcher is going to jail for a long time

The Chicago Cubs had a lot of memorable moments in 2003. Some were good and some were not so good. Unfortunately, baseball isn’t the only topic of conversation when discussing former Cubs pitcher Sergio Mitre. He was drafted in 2001 by the Cubs and played with them from 2003 to 2005.

He wasn’t very good in Chicago so the Cubs traded him to the Florida Marlins in a package that brought back Juan Pierre. It was obviously a good trade for the Cubs for a variety of reasons. Now, many years later, nothing good can be said about Mitre. The fact that he made it to Major League Baseball at all is not a good look in hindsight.

Following his time with the Cubs, he went on to play with those Marlins, the Milwaukee Brewers, and New York Yankees. He was a terrible pitcher for basically his entire career which is why he had a negative WAR, a bad ERA, and was well below .500 as a starter.

None of that matters because he was an even worse human being than he was a baseball pitcher and that is saying something because he was about as bad of a pitcher as you will ever see at the highest level.

The Chicago Cubs have a former pitcher going to jail and it is well deserved.

He is about as bad of a person as there can be on planet earth. Sergio Mitre is going to jail for 40-60 years for the murder of a 22-month-old little girl that belonged to his girlfriend. That is a horrid piece of news to read. An innocent little girl with her whole life ahead of her was taken because of some monster.

Hearing about former Major League Baseball players doing this kind of stuff is absolutely horrifying. At 40 years old, he will be a very old man when he is eligible to be released from prison in Mexico. To be honest, that doesn’t even feel like enough.

It will never make up for the loss of the little girl but it is good to know that a bad person like Mitre is going away forever. While in prison, he should have plenty of time to sit there and think about the horrors that he caused for a lot of people and be ashamed of his own existence.