New Chicago Bears report squashes crazy Justin Fields trade rumor

Chicago Bears (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images) /

For a few days now, social media has been flooded with one of the craziest Chicago Bears rumors in recent memory.

Someone, somewhere decided that it would be a logical idea to start a rumor of the Bears trading quarterback Justin Fields.

We live in a world full of hypotheticals, sometimes. There are news outlets which love to spread misinformation by making it seem as though a hypothetical scenario is now, in fact, a legitimate rumor.

The reality is, the Bears traded future draft compensation to move up and select a guy who some even thought was the number one quarterback in the 2021 NFL Draft class. But, some folks seem to think the franchise would move on from him after all of the changes happening this offseason.

The Chicago Bears trading quarterback Justin Fields should be looked at as no more than a rumor, and a rumor which looks to be squashed.

Jason Goff is pretty well-connected in the sports world, especially in Chicago. As the voice of Chicago Bulls pre and post-game on NBCS Chicago, along with providing content for The Ringer, Goff offered some insight in his  most recent podcast episode:

"“Rumor is, Dodds was not a fan of Fields and that is why he removed himself from the opening”"

Now, in order to understand the full context of the quote, we must go back a few days. The Bears interviewed Indianapolis Colts assistant GM Ed Dodd’s for their current GM opening.

Dodds then chose to withdraw from the running, which caused some initial concern among Bears fans.

Why did Dodds withdraw? That was the big question. Some thought the interview must not have went well. There were many different opinions, but according to Goff, it came down to Fields.

For those interested, the full podcast episode can be found here.

Dodds was not a fan of Fields, therefore he withdrew from the race. If we’re taking anything away from this situation, it’s this: the Bears are not trading Justin Fields. They are committed to him as the team’s franchise quarterback.

Sure, on one hand it makes sense for a new general manager to want their own quarterback. It makes sense for a new general manager to want their own coaching staff, first and foremost. From there, it’s sensible to think that they will want “their guys” on the roster.

But, just a year after trading up for one of the most athletically well-rounded quarterbacks we’ve seen in the past decade — why would the Bears trade him? After all, they gave Mitchell Trubisky four years.

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For once, it appears George McCaskey is doing the right thing. Keeping Fields is the correct decision. Finding a staff who believes in him and can develop him is the right agenda, period. Anyone who believes differently doesn’t belong near the franchise.