The Chicago Bears will not play on Super Wild Card Weekend next year

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

We just watched a very fun set of games during the NFL’s Super Wild Card Weekend. There was a lot of drama all over the country as each of the teams tried to make their way to the Division Round next weekend.

The Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans each had a bye after securing the top seeds in the NFC and AFC respectfully. They are each legit Super Bowl contenders as they are now getting ready for their first playoff opponent.

Each game had its own storyline which made it an incredibly entertaining weekend. There was drama all over the place which is something that makes the NFL so special. Whoever wins the Super Bowl is going to be proud because this league has so many great teams and players.


In the AFC round, the very fun and entertaining Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Las Vegas Raiders in a very controversial game. There were some debates over the rules and calls on certain plays but Joe Burrow’s team prevailed.

The other two games in the conference were blowouts. The Buffalo Bills absolutely destroyed the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs throttled the Pittsburgh Steelers. Each of those games sort of went exactly as expected so there wasn’t much surprise.

Both the Patriots and Steelers had incredible runs over the last 20 years but the Bills and Chiefs got the best of them. Now, those two will face each other next week and the Bengals will play the Titans.


Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers absolutely steamrolled the Philadelphia Eagles. The defending champions are off to the second round as Brady has clearly proved that it was mostly all him in New England. The Bucs were 7-9 in 2019-20 and magically haven’t lost a playoff game since Tom’s arrival.

What can go wrong will go wrong for the Dallas Cowboys. They were down big to the San Francisco 49ers but they almost came back. Some very poor decisions and bad penalties allowed San Francisco to hang on.

For the first time ever, we had a playoff game featured on Monday Night Football. It was a battle between the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals. Unfortunately, it was another predictable blowout as the Rams defeated the Cardinals by a score of 34-11.

Next week, the Green Bay Packers will host the San Francisco 49ers while the Los Angeles Rams head down to Tampa Bay to take on Tom Brady’s Buccaneers. It should be a lot of fun to see how that goes.

The Chicago Bears are not nearly as good as any of these teams right now.

The Chicago Bears have no chance of playing on Super Wild Card weekend in 2022-23. They don’t currently have a coach or a general manager but those roles will be filled in short order. When that new duo comes in, a lot of work needs to be done.

Chicago has the foundation set (they hope) with Justin Fields. He has all of the raw physical talents that need to develop into an NFL-caliber quarterback. Until that happens, and it won’t overnight, the Bears have no shot.

When you watched these teams that made the postseason, it was clear that the Bears are so far away from all of them. They hope that they have a better quarterback than some of them which is a nice start but they have a long way to go before they are a playoff team again. Seeing them turn it around quickly is possible but don’t count on it. It would be fun but it doesn’t seem realistic.

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