Do not expect Nick Saban to the Chicago Bears anytime soon

Jalen Hurts and Nick Saban after the SEC Championship Game in December 2018.Syndication Montgomery
Jalen Hurts and Nick Saban after the SEC Championship Game in December 2018.Syndication Montgomery /

Alabama legendary head coach Nick Saban did not win his eighth college football national title. Could Saban be lured back to the NFL after his team was unable to reach the college football mountaintop?

Would he want to take one more run at adding a Super Bowl ring to his seven National Championship rings? More specifically, would he be interested in the Chicago Bears head coaching or general manager job?

His name was recently discussed on the local radio station, 670 the Score’s Mully and Haugh show about being a possible candidate. For context’s sake, it was done more with the idea of going for a big name than demanding Saban be seriously considered.

If Chicago Bears chairman George McCaskey wants to make a splash, the water coming out of the pool gets no bigger than Saban. While it is fun to dream, the reality is Saban is entrenched in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Why would he leave a job where runs his empire unquestioned to go work for Chicago Bears’ chairman and noted fanboy George McCaskey? Why would he give up the chance to recruit 25 first-round draft picks a year for a league where you typically just get one shot at first-round talent in one year?

Saban is a legend in Alabama. In Chicago, he would have his head being called for on the first failed fourth-down conversion. Plus, he did not particularly like his time in the NFL when he was the head coach for the Miami Dolphins.

Saban also stands to make a lot more money in the college ranks than in the NFL. If Mel Tucker can get $95 million from Michigan State, imagine how much Saban is in line for at Bama.

The only reason the Chicago Bears should call Nick Saban is to ask about Brian Daboll.

Brian Daboll served as Saban’s offensive coordinator in 2017. Saban should be called for his opinion on his former assistant. Saban may give biased feedback. At the same time, Saban is a straight shooter.

It would be good to get feedback on Daboll to make sure he is not just another Matt Nagy. Saban can provide insights on how married to a scheme Daboll can get. He can let the Chicago Bears know what type of coach and leader Daboll is from first-hand experience.

It could not hurt George McCaskey and his search committee to ask about ways Saban has adapted over the years to maintain success. There is nothing wrong with picking the legendary coach’s mind about talent development.

At 70 years old, it is hard to imagine Saban suddenly wanting to take on the NFL one more time. Not when he can have the pick of his players and not when he has total power over an entire state. He has a well-oiled machine in Alabama. Why give up that for a clunker in Chicago?

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