These 5 coaches should be priority interviews for the Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears should interview Brian Daboll for their head coach opening

For a good year now, Buffalo Bills offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll has been looked at as one of the next great head coaching candidates. He is primarily responsible for developing Josh Allen into one of the league’s premier quarterbacks after Allen entered the league with plenty to improve.

Daboll has allowed Allen to be himself, using his legs intelligently but also being able to fire the ball deep with that cannon of an arm. There are many similarities between Allen and Fields, and Daboll would be an excellent person to help develop the Bears’ franchise quarterback.

The transformation Daboll has helped Allen make is undeniable. From his rookie season, Allen improved his completion percentage from 52.8 all the way up to 69.2 in 2020 — and 63.3 this season, for argument’s sake.

Allen is a big, strong and mobile quarterback like Fields. The scary part is, Fields is a better athlete and much faster. What would happen if Daboll got his hands on Fields and took his development to another level?