The Chicago Bears finally fire Matt Nagy as head coach

Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears should have done it a year ago but they have finally fired Matt Nagy as their head football coach. It was a disaster of a season for the Bears and a large part of it was because of the head coach. Ryan Pace is also gone as general manager.

They couldn’t move the ball downfield with any regularity and it cost them a lot of games. If they had a different coach, a few losses might have been won and they might be going to the postseason. With all of that in mind, it is all in the past now and they must move forward.

Before we get going with naming all of the bad things about Nagy’s tenure, a few things must be recognized. He is an extremely nice man. He served his job with dignity and faith in himself which is admirable.

He was extremely kind and thoughtful in his final press conference after Sunday’s loss which explains a lot about his character. Nobody should ever dislike Matt Nagy as a person because of the fact that he wasn’t that good as Chicago’s head coach.

There might have been organizations that would have provided Nagy with a roster more suited for what he is trying to do but the Bears are bad in more than one way. It is not his fault that one of the most talented quarterbacks who ever lived is on another team because Ryan Pace thought it was a good idea to select Mitch Trubisky instead.

Matt Nagy did not live up to being a good head coach for the Chicago Bears.

However, part of bringing Nagy in was to develop Trubisky and be an offensive guru. He did neither of those things in any of the years he was there. In fact, the defense was the strength of the team for his entire tenure.

They did go to the playoffs in two of his four years but they didn’t win a game. Bears fans appreciate the two playoff appearances because they hardly ever went to the playoffs before Nagy arrived but it was clear in the end that he wasn’t the reason.

Nagy also didn’t really do a good job of handling the Justin Fields vs Andy Dalton controversy this year. He wouldn’t come off of his word that Dalton would start in week one and the team was weaker because of it. Developing Fields needs to be this team’s number one priority and they wasted a year.

Nagy may or may not find another job in the NFL as a head coach one day. He could get a job as a coordinator in the NFL or any type of job in the NCAA. Either way, working in football is a likelihood for him.

The Bears continued their tradition of never firing a head coach midseason in 2021 but they didn’t take long to pull the trigger here. They have a lot of free agents on both sides of the ball with no first-round picks (as of now) in the 2022 draft so some big work needs to be done.

We can only hope that Nagy’s replacement will come in and develop Fields so they can start winning some games. It was a fall from grace for Nagy after winning coach of the year in 2018 but that happens sometimes. Each side should be better off following this transaction.

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